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What Is Sex Therapy?

Sex Therapy is counseling or other talk therapy that addresses a person's psychological or physical sexual problems. A Sex Therapist is first and foremost a licensed and certified professional such as a psychiatrist, marriage and family therapist, psychologist, or clinical social worker. We are specially trained in sex therapy methods beyond the minimal amount of training about sexuality that is required for each of those licenses.

How Can Sex Therapy Help Me?

If you, like many people, struggle in finding a safe place to talk about your sexual concerns or interests, you could benefit from seeing a sex therapist. From relational issues to individual concerns, a sex therapist can help you discover your sexual identity and work through issues that may be hindering the enjoyment of your sexual experiences. In addition, because a sex therapist such as myself is knowledgeable about alternative lifestyles, identities and gender expressions, some find that sessions with a sex therapist can be helpful in resolving issues unrelated to their sexuality.  

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